New from Facebook: Inline Click to Become Fan Ads

Wednesday, May 27, Facebook rolled out a new breed of Facebook ads to help public profile pages gain more fans from what they've dubbed "inline fanning."  This feature is now available for all advertisers and here's why you should be really excited about this.  First and foremost, the secret sauce to Facebook ads (and has always been theKbuzz's philosophy) is to grow communities in Facebook or in another words, to help you grow your public profile page's fan base.  This new feature affirms and compliments this.  

The top three reasons to be excited

1.  Facebook ads are now even a more powerful way to build fans for your public profile page

2.  In one convenient click, users can become a fan of a public profile page without ever leaving the Facebook page that they're on  

3.  It visually conveys to viewers that the call to action is within the Facebook ecosystem (users prefer to stay within Facebook instead of leaving the site)

Over at theKbuzz, we're not sure why companies would shell out money for the home page engagement ads that come with a premium price tag, but for all advertisers that use Facebook advertising this is great news.

If you already have existing ads, you can go in and edit  the ad to update it.  The ad will link only to your wall page right now and will automatically change the title of the ad to the public profile page's name.

Learn more about Facebook advertising at theKbuzz webinar this coming Wednesday.

Check out these screenshots of the new ads

Facebook has populated ads to help promote the new feature all across Facebook like this one:


Here's an example of a homepage engagement ad with the inline become a fan option:h-and-m-inline-become-a-fan-ad

This was the first ad that I saw with this feature.  I clicked on the ad and you can see that the wording changed from "Become a Fan" to "You are a Fan" without ever leaving the page that I was currently on: facebook-become-a-fan-ad