You might be getting those Vanity URLs sooner than you think!

Ever since we received our own vanity URL, we've head from hundreds of webinar participants and clients curious about procuring their own easily sharable Facebook URL. Up until now, we've had very little to report except that Facebook only offers them to a limited number of businesses and clients. According to Justin at Inside Facebook, all users might soon be able to claim their own vanity URL as part of a so-called "landrush" where users could acquire a vanity URL on a first come, first served basis. Facebook has yet to officially announce details (will they charge a fee? will there be a different process for standard users as opposed to companies/brands?) but these sources confirm that more news about this is forthcoming. So what's so special about vanity URLs on Facebook? For one thing, it has obvious SEO benefits for any company or brand name. It's also just way easier to link others to something like as opposed to One little-talked-about feature that Facebook also offers is the ability to fan some pages via text message. If your cell phone is already connected with Facebook mobile, all you have to do is text the word "fan" plus the vanity name to "FBOOK" (32665) and you'll be added as a fan under your regular Facebook account. In other words, if you text the phrase "Fan theKbuzz" or "Fan FiOS" to the number 32665, you'll become a fan of those pages. We already commented on the various opportunities available with SMS text-to-fan, but now that vanity URLs are soon to be a reality for a much larger number of people and businesses, it's certainly worth reiterating all of the benefits there are to be had from it. You can bet we'll be watching for when Facebook announces more specifics about the vanity URL landrush.