Viral Friday!

Every so often a pointlessly entertaining meme sweeps the internet. This month's YouTube video gone viral was the "JK Wedding Entrance Dance" a young couple choreographed their walk down the aisle. At the time of this post they have gotten 13,030,051 views! A number most marketing companies can only dream of. One smart production company piggybacked on this YouTube sensation and created their own sequel entitled “JK Divorce Entrance Dance.” Indigo Productions is a legitimate video production company that has created videos for the likes of Ricoh, Revlon, Fimat Financial Group and other Fortune 500 companies. Their most popular video prior to the “Divorce Dance” reached a whopping 245 views. The “Divorce Dance” video was posted two days ago and has already reached over 66,000 views. It is likely to cap at least a million views. This goes to show that with a little funny and a creative idea (it doesn’t even have to be yours) can make you an internet sensation and exponentially increase your brand equity overnight: