Breaking: "Kisses" Facebook Page Renamed "OraBrush" Overnight; Profound Implications

4pm, June 30 2009, UPDATE! Facebook has since changed the name of the page BACK to "Kisses" and removed their vanity URL! To top it all off, sources at OraBrush tell us that they were NOT informed of this change! What is going on at Facebook? Stay tuned to Buzz Marketing Daily - we'll be updating as we hear more! You can still view the Kisses-turned-OraBrush-now-Kisses-again page here._________________________________________________________

8:30am, June 30 2009. Overnight, the 1.29 million fans of "Kisses" on Facebook became fans of "OraBrush", the company who several weeks ago made social media headlines when they 'bought' this generic Fan Page from the admin who started it for an anonymous sum.

Fan of the Page Cat Griffen in the screenshot to the right said it best on the Page's Wall: "Cheeky Bastards".

Cat is undoubtedly not alone in her dissatisfaction. The 1.29 million fans of "Kisses" did not become fans of an oral care/ tongue cleaner company - and to change the name of the Page  violates Facebook's stated rules:

It’s not currently possible to edit the name of a Page. If you would like to change your Page name, you will need to delete your Page and recreate it. The Facebook team isn't able to change Page names for you."
Users are clearly deceived when a Facebook Page name changes overnight from a generic to a company name- it will be very interesting to see how this affects fan count and sentiment on the formerly Kisses / now OraBrush Page.
Moreover, the ability to change a Page name from a generic Page to a Brand-name Page has profound business implications. How much did OraBrush pay the original admin for the Kisses Page? How much did they pay Facebook to rename the Page? If I am a brand or represent a brand, would I build an organic Page and spend time and advertising money with Facebook to grow the fan base, or build a generic Page such as "Pizza" or "Sex", much more likely to accumulate fans without spending money on advertising, and then change the name of the page?
What do you think?