BREAKING NEWS: Facebooks adds timed scheduling options to social ads!

Previously, the most you could do with Facebook's social ads scheduling was set your ad to run during certain dates. Sometime this past week, Facebook added the option to schedule your social ads down to the 5-minute interval:

This is huge news for everyone using Facebook's advertising platform! Instead of hitting users indiscriminately anytime between 12AM and 11:59PM on a given day, you can seek to encourage an immediate response by targeting users at the most appropriate time. Right away, we can think of a few great uses:

- Restaurants advertising lunch specials (especially if they deliver!), - Bars/Clubs with happy hour looking to target office employees in the area, - TV Show premier reminders an hour or two beforehand, - and Event reminders in general!

As of this moment, you cannot schedule recurring ads, but we've spoken to our contacts at Facebook and they've confirmed that this development is on the horizon. Do you have any others to add to this list or any plans for your own business to use Facebook's timed scheduling options you'd like to share? Comment and let us know!