Did You Know: Slideshows are More Effective than Video?

This post is from one of our Buzz Builders, Michael Nazli. Check him out on Twitter @ithinkbuzz: A picture is worth a thousand words, but can a blog that contains a thousand words create the right picture? Research shows that nearly 70 percent of Americans are visual learners. The rest of the 30 percent of Americans learn by context communication. Software applications, like Adobe Flash, allow communication to be effective by creating engagements with the audience. Utilizing visual, aural and contextual aids help enhance communication between the audience and the product or service. Interactive slide shows have more of a visual impact on the audience than videos do. A key reason as to why slide shows are actually more effective than videos is that the pictures are still. This creates a more profound moment for the audience and helps build a relationship with the product or service.  New features in Flash slide shows allow you to input hyperlinks into the actual slide, and allow more interaction with the audience. This is a highly comprehensible way of directing the visitor’s focus to the desired features that videos sometimes can’t deliver. Just like dimming the lights can set a mood, so can changing the tone in the audio. The same sentence can be said by 20 different people, but its meaning will change according to how each speaker articulates it.