Obama's live stream from Ghana promotes the spread of information through social media

President Obama traveled to Ghana this weekend, making an historic speech to Ghana's Parliament that was broadcast via live feeds aired in various public viewing areas and U.S. embassies throughout the region, in addition to live streams set up on Facebook, Twitter, and the White House Blog. The U.S. government also worked with MXit, a South African SMS service with 14 million users worldwide, to allow users to send their own comments about the visit via text message while receiving updates from the White House. PCWorld reported that the visit was "expected to raise the level of local content and access to social media as a communication tool," which I think is just about the coolest thing ever. Information and education have long been accepted as powerful tools for rallying the people, and social media enables anybody anywhere to give their own 2-cents, to contribute to a massive pool of information controlled by everyone with access - so to further encourage the use of the medium in Ghana sends a powerful message indeed. Despite likely limited access to these tools among most of Africa's population, the President's promotion and strong encouragement of social media as a way to connect with youth across the continent is something most any social media geek can appreciate. I just hope the citizens President Obama is trying to engage are as excited about it as we are. - Devin