One-click Culture

We are a one-click culture. We want the information we're looking for with one click, not with an ad video showing first. We want to read a blog post without having to click "more information" in our emails. We want to not think about where to find information when we land on a page. We want to get what we want with very little barriers. In a one-click culture, we as marketers need to keep this in mind while meeting our marketing goals, whether building a fan base on Facebook or capturing information for an email database. The more steps you ask of your clients and potential clients to go through-- reading complicated instructions to understand your message or submitting fields and fields of information-- the more they are going to drop off and get frustrated.  Prioritize what is more important to you as a marketer and to your clients in their consumer buying process and minimize everything in-between.  We are a one-click culture and don't discriminate what we apply this to.