Shoutout: 5 Reasons Facebook Rules

davehead1paradise21We are a social media and word of mouth marketing firm and blog - so we can and do write about lots of topics. But we find ourselves writing a lot about Facebook. Heck, we pretty much all adore Facebook here @theKbuzz. Here are 5 reasons we think Facebook's buzzworthy enough to write about as much as we do: 1) Facebook moves, fast. A recent video ad they released for recruitment highlighted how fast they move. Big companies don't ever move this fast.

2) Facebook innovates, constantly. As folks that live and breathe this stuff, we get a thrill from seeing new innovations, which seemingly come not every year or every month but every week - Fan Box, Improved Ads, and Public Stream are just a few innovations we've covered IN THE LAST FEW WEEKS!

3) Facebook makes mistakes, but then quickly admits it and moves on. Any organization moving as fast as Facebook is bound to make mistakes (Beacon, anyone?) - but when they do, they quickly admit they've made a mistake and move  to rectify the situation.

4) Facebook believes in openness. It's not just in its mission statement, but in everything they do. They want people to be more open, they want businesses to be more open, and they want governments to be more open. This is refreshing.

5) Facebook is ambitious, as in VERY ambitious. I pulled this quote from their Facebook Principles: "The Facebook Service should transcend geographic and national boundaries and be available to everyone in the world."

Those are my top 5 reasons. Why do you think Facebook rules? Or do you?