Social Media Shout-Out in Government Sector

This social media shout-out is for Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick's social media efforts!  On his webpage he clearly has a call to action for Twitter, YouTube, blogs and Flickr in addition to calendar, email and phone information.  This isn't too out of the ordinary, however what I like are the hyperlinked lines that are under each one of these social platforms: How we use ____.  These link to a page titled Staying Informed and Involved Online It's dedicated to setting expectations and clearly conveying the purpose of social media in the Governor's communication with his constituents.  It is a classroom example of transparency.  For example, the page outlines the Twitter account's purpose, follow-back policy, and who runs it. The key take-away for marketers is to set expectations with your communications - tell people how you're using a platform.  One example from here at theKbuzz is our monthly newsletter.  We state upfront that subscribers will get the newsletter once a month and even name the date to expect it.  Setting expectations minimizes confusion, hesitation and builds confidence in the people engaging with you.  Governor Deval Patrick does an excellent job of this with his page Staying Informed and Involved. Do you have any good examples of this in social media??  Let us know!