Buzz-Worthy Buzz Builders!

As the summer winds down and the school year begins, theKbuzz staff must say goodbye to the Buzz Builders who have made the office buzz with excitement all summer. We are currently seeking Buzz Builders for the fall semester to ensure the noise level in the office remains pumping. Prior to their departure a couple of Buzz Builders wrote their accounts of working at theKbuzz:

"A day at theKbuzz consists of Facebook chatting, name calling, hand holding, break taking, Wii playing, snack sharing, and just plain buzz builder bonding.  There’s also work involved, but most of it is done online through Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, Yammer, LinkedIn, and other major blogging sites." ~Maureen

"My typical day as a Buzz Builder is somewhat exciting when I’m not tired. When I am awake, I usually make fun of Yaling (another Buzz Builder) and get the rest of the Buzz Builders to make fun of her (it’s all out of love though.) My responsibilities as a Buzz Builder surround Verizon FiOS. I get to message people and tell them they won a free party, it isn’t rocket science. On Wednesday’s we get to play Wii, so that makes Wednesday’s fun. Being a Buzz Builder is equivalent to pure excitement." ~Katie

As a Buzz Builder at theKbuzz, you will play just as hard as you work. We ensure our Buzz Builders come away with meaningful experience and knowledge of social media best practices. We conduct regular trainings, offer incentives and reward our Buzz Builders with surprises such as free lunch, outings and office parties. The office environment at theKbuzz is just as young and innovative as the media with which we interact.

Here are some links that describe our Buzz Builder program in further detail: On Facebook: On Twitter: Our Company Blog:

Email if you would like to apply. Have a buzz-worthy weekend!