New Study Suggests that Social Media Posts Have An Impact On Users' Purchasing Decisions

According to the results of a recent survey designed by MyYearbook CEO Geoff Cook, teenagers who do post questions to their networks requesting advice on a new purchase are often influenced by the comments they receive. At the request of BusinessWeek's Douglas MacMillan, Cook included a couple of questions in his survey that asked users about their posting habits concerning recent or planned purchases. Polling 30,000 users of the popular social networking site for teenagers, MyYearbook, the survey found that 17% of users have asked their online networks for advice on new purchases. While that number on its own doesn't sound very impressive, the study also found that of those 17% (more than 5,700 users), 81% received advice from their friends and followers and 74% of those who received advice claimed to have been influenced by it. The study also showed that users were more likely to seek advice on products such as cell phones, movies, music, and computers, rather than on shoes, home appliances, or which airline to fly (though this could also have a lot to do with the teenage demographic in question). These results suggest that regardless of a client's social media presence, the key to the success of a good social media or word of mouth strategy still hinges on its ability to get users talking on their own networks instead of just on the brands' individual pages. The full story is here at BusinessWeek. It's definitely worth a look!