Our Top 60 Business Twitter Profiles


Last month, we asked you to submit your favorite Twitter profiles for small business. We looked for small businesses and nonprofit organizations, who use Twitter well to connect to audiences. Our criteria included design of profile background, interactivity / responsiveness of account, number of followers, and innovative and effective uses of Twitter. We planned on publishing a Top 40, but we heard from so many you, and found so many great Twitter profiles on our own, that we decided to announce a Top 60 instead. The list features restaurants, hotels, airports, car washes, bars, delis, zoos, camps, hardware stores, museums, pizza places, and lots more! We think the 60 we chose have a lot that we can all learn from. You can find the entire TOP 60 list, published today here. To avoid any conflict of interest, we didn't include any clients of theKbuzz on our top 60 list- but we did create a Top 10 list of our favorite Twitter profiles we've worked on, here. (And if you're interested in hiring theKbuzz for help with Twitter, click here). Of course, since there are millions of individuals and likely hundreds of thousands of small businesses on Twitter, there are many great ones not on this list, so feel free to share your favorites that we missed as comments to this post! Happy tweeting.