Social Media Shout-out: I Wear Your Shirt

CNN and Mashable have picked up the story and there's good reason, I Wear Your Shirt is a prime example of leveraging social media bridging on- and offline word of mouth. So what exactly is it? Outsourcing at its best. Jason Sadler and Evan White, who joined the project this year, are wearing a different t-shirt every day of the year to advertise companies.  The 2010 calendar just went on sale today.  The earlier you buy a date, the cheaper it is.  The price structure is buzzworthy too: Buy a date on January 1, you pay $2 (because two people are sporting the shirts), January 2, $4 and on through December 31 which is $730 dollars.   At the time of writing this post, January through March were already sold out. To leverage social media, Jason and Evan are more than just walking advertisements, the project is brought alive online too.  The guys feature the t-shirt advertisement with daily updates on a blog, Flickr, YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, Ustream and more.

Join in on the fun. You can buy a date here. Follow Jason (@IWearYourShirt) and Evan (@YourFriendEvan) on Twitter (#ILoveShirts) and watch the project on YouTube among other video sharing sites.

theKbuzz is wishing both guys a fruitful and buzzworthy year on their project!