Custom short-links?? We can't think of anything more!

With all of today's talk of's demise and now possible salvation, we had to look past our own grief and begin the search for an alternative shortURL service. has been incredibly good to us, offering custom URLs that were often unavailable through other shortURL services and simple, quick statistics about the number of times each custom URL had been accessed by others. Much as we have loved, I'm happy to talk about another shortURL service that is as awesome as its name implies: is another URL shortening service whose most basic function is much like most others': you input a long URL and it spits out a super-condensed version (hosted on their own domain, The real beauty of is actually its paid options, whereby for $99/year, you can create your own custom shortURLs for up to 10,000 URLs/month. The first step is to register your own short domain, through Domainr. We just got and we'll be using it to shorten our links soon! For another example, as an early tester, Techcrunch now has its own nifty "" shortURL which they dedicate to so that it can generate special shortURLs for each new post. The service can also be set up to generate several unique shortURLs for each new update/link on your site so that you can track their spread across multiple platforms, such as success on twitter vs. your blog vs. your Facebook, etc. Its links are also compatible with Google Analytics.

If you're interested in getting your own account and custom domain, you should definitely read more about it here - and we strongly recommend that you do! These dedicated shortURL domains mark an amazing opportunity for brands to better monitor the spread of their content across the web and to build their own unique shortURL brand. Just imagine never losing track of your content on Twitter again - even if others fail to mention your username after a certain number of retweets, the link will still reflect your brand! We're just completely smitten - how about you? We'd love to hear your thoughts on it, or your own experience if you've already purchased your short domain.