Facebook Coming Soon: Ability to Measure Stream Activity

If you look closely on the “learn more” blurb on the Facebook Insights there’s a very interesting “coming soon” feature. It reads:

Stream CTR / ETR: This graph is a measure of the Click Through Rate and Engagement Rate for your content appearing in the Facebook News Feed. If a user clicks on one of your posts, that will be counted as Stream CTR. If a user likes or comments on one of your posts, that will be counted in the Stream ETR. Please note that Stream data is based on a sample and therefore is an estimate of your Stream CTR and ETR. (Coming soon)

This feature is extremely exciting because companies will be able to distinguish how many people actually interact with fan page posts through users’ homepage stream/news feed compared to the fan page stream. This has enormous implications. For instance, you will be able to tell how many people interact with your company without actually visiting the fan page. Hypothetically (and not that impractical), if more people interact with company posts strictly through their personal streams then applications added to a fan page will be secondary to the engagement you can harness though simply getting people to comment and “like” a status update right through their personal stream.

From this teaser bit of information, one thing we still won’t be able to tell is how many people access and interact with their stream/news feed on their computers versus a mobile device. This also has its own implications in how fan page owners should plan to engage with their fans.