Facebook Winning the War!

In the world of social media there is an undeclared war going on between Facebook and Twitter for the title of "Best Social Media Network." Initially, Twitter pioneered lots of great features that Facebook lacked. For a long time it was the social media network of choice among avid social media users. The term Twitterati was coined because that was where the social media elite were spending most of their time. The battle of social media platforms is like a game of chess. Every new feature is a move that threatens to change the course of the game. There have been some game-changing moves on Facebook's end. The first checkmate occurred when Facebook purchased one of Twitter's biggest competitors, FriendFeed. Yesterday, Facebook announced another new feature that served a game-changing blow to the social media battle. Announced on the Facebook blog yesterday, you can now tag your friends in status updates. They also announced Facebook Lite, a scaled down version of the regular Facebook site. Twitter won the first few social media battles, but Facebook is increasingly winning the “Best Social Media Network” war.