Set Yourself Apart

This is post from one theKbuzz's BuzzBuilders, Andrew Stern: Sometimes setting yourself apart does not require any initiative at all.  People frequently get so caught up in displaying initiative and being different.  Different is good but not all the time, sometimes it is more important to be a team player and display leadership qualities than it is to create something totally new and see how it works.

Let's say your company maintains a Facebook page and a Twitter feed... Awesome! But you cannot just pimp your product and make Seinfeld-esk observational comments and expect people to care about what you say.  Your observational humor might be hilarious, but unless you are providing customers with a real service, who is going to care?  You can still be creative and funny and offer unique promotions, but respond to customers too.  Answer real questions and concerns publicly so others can acknowledge that you're doing this.  So what if everyone is doing it, they're doing it because it works!

Being an intern or a new employee is no different.  Setting yourself apart does not mean you have to take the bull by the figurative balls.  Observe the atmosphere around you and build on that.  I'm fortunate enough to be working with young and creative people who encourage sharing ideas.  I'm setting myself apart by going with the program, being the best employee that I can be and make every effort to be a team player.

Sometimes all it takes is being a team player in a room full of supposed "leaders" to set yourself apart.  Leadership and initiative are very important, but a good intern is not defined by any one day or any one project.

Remember, sometimes setting yourself apart sometimes means being the a team player and following someone else's lead.