Social Media Goals

Upon diving into the social media pool many companies have preconceived notions for what and how they will be using these new tools. Often those notions consist of broadcasting their message via social media as if it were another one-sided medium. Even companies who educate themselves about the platform before they engage set out on the journey with certain goals in mind. A local restaurant may create a Facebook page to simply share discounts or coupons with customers then find that their fan base loves to share stories of the meals they've had there. If your community takes an unexpected turn that is OKAY! You should be grateful to have an audience that wants to engage with your brand. You should also try various topics, questions and multimedia to see which resonates most with your audience. It’s okay to be a little unfocused when you first start your social media efforts. If you anticipate lots of participation on Twitter, but find that your Facebook fans are most engaging than it’s okay to shift your efforts. Social Media Marketing is similar to a science experiment in that way. You may start with an initial hypothesis, but through experimentation you will have to tweak your hypothesis to fit reality. The important part is that you’re engaging. The who, how and where is a fluid process that should be changed to fit the needs of your audience.