Your Audience is King

My senior year high-school English teacher drilled that into my head when writing "Your Audience is King!" While back then I was writing essays for competitions and my audience was judges compiled of English professors, today my audience is the customers of my clients and it couldn't be more true- Your Audience is King! What does this mean for social media?

  • It means know your target audience and speak to them in a tone and voice that's relevant to them.
  • It means speak to your audience in the place they want to speak. If they're asking you a question on Twitter, they don't want a phone number to call to get the answer; they want the answer on Twitter.
  • It means speak to your audience in the culture of the space they're spending time on. If they're engaging with you on Facebook then they don't want to see that your last status update had the "#fb" and was sent over from Twitter. They want you to speak to them in the appropriate context of the space where the conversation is taking place.
  • It means respond to your audience.

Do you have any other tips on conversing with Kings in social media?