Mashable Announces Their Second Annual Open Web Awards

They're back! Mashable announced their second annual Open Web Awards, recognizing achievements in 26 categories. Topics include: -Brand/ Startup/ Company/ Agency -Facebook Specific -Media -Mobile -People -Photos and Videos -Twitter Specific

Premiering last year, Mashable, a popular Blog focused on Social Media and Web 2.0 news, created the first "multilingual international online voting competition that covers major innovations in web technology." The first Open Web Awards generated over 250,000 votes. With even more bloggers participating, and more nominees they are likely to receive even more votes this year.

Who are the nominees? Anyone- it's up to you! Scroll through the numerous topics and nominate who you feel is deserving in each category. Promote the Open Web Awards to your friends to do the same and watch your favorite social media brands make it to the finals.

To view specific categories and to vote go here:

Thanks for reading our blog, we hope you vote and spread the word for @theKbuzz in the Best Social Media Agency category!