Get Local with Facebook Fan Pages

There are over 300 million users worldwide on Facebook. What does this number actually mean? If Facebook were a country, it would be the fourth largest in the world! For small businesses though, 300 million users doesn’t mean much. For a local Italian restaurant, 5,000 local residents sounds a lot more attractive. If you’re a litigation firm with 200 fans or run a private jet service, even 20 loyal fans sounds more appealing. All businesses are in luck! Facebook’s ingenuity strikes again with Fan Pages that let businesses localize on Facebook to reach the demographic that makes the most sense for your business! Here’s the top 5 ways businesses can get local on Facebook:

  1. Let people in your community know that you’re on Facebook! Invite your current customers and employees to become a fan of your page and ask them to share the page with their friends who are in the area. Additionally, promote your Facebook Fan Page on your current channels of communication whether it’s in your newsletter, email signature or store signage.
  2. Use Facebook’s hypertargeting for ads to help reach and grow your fan page based on location and keywords to maximize relevancy. Ads can be as targeted by sex, location (by city), age, keywords and more!
  3. Use the “Favorite Pages” feature and “Favorite” Fan Pages of other local businesses and ask them to do the same for your business. This creates a mini-directory of businesses within your community.
  4. Cross-promote with other businesses, organizations and events in your community, whether it’s sharing that your employees love the new cake at the local bakery, or your business is sponsoring the local middle school’s soccer team or even if your company is participating in a breast cancer walk.
  5. Use the “Events” application to highlight special events or sales happening at your business whether it’s an open-house, community fundraiser or sample sale.

BONUS TIP: If you have a business that has locations in multiple cities, use the “Fan Update” feature to do targeted fan updates based on city.

Do you have any other tips on how you get local with Facebook Fan Pages with your own business? Share them here!