Guest Buzz Builder Post: Get a job without taking off your bedroom slippers

Devin at theKbuzz here, presenting a debut blog post from one of our very talented buzz builders, Alisa Vilabrera! Enjoy! The online Job Board has become a thing of the past. More and more employers are reaching out to potential candidates through social media outlets like LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter. Colleges are using social media as a means to reach out to alumni and give their students a leg up when it comes time for them to find a job. Fresno State Director of Social Media Relations Katie Johnson explains that through Twitter, students “are able to ask [alumni] questions for the purpose of establishing a job.” The Fresno State alumni Twitter page has over 960 followers.

Another social media resource being utilized by employers is Skype, for online interviews. This saves employers time and money. Schools are also starting to use Skype to schedule mock interviews, so that students get great first hand experience.

Whether you are in school or out, don’t forget the value of social media in your job search. Here are 4 great tips to improve your chances of getting hired:

  • Twitter: Use this social network and micro blog to actively post tweets that show off your intellect! Make your tweets relevant to your specific professional field.
  • Facebook and Myspace: Keep your pages appropriate, and consider which friends you associate with on these sites. Remember to filter content to avoid objectionable material.
  • LinkedIn: Create an online resume, and use your information to network with professionals. Remember to build contacts with people from all aspects of your professional field.
  • Personal Web sites: While not inherently social, it is important to have your own domain online. This allows you to display your creativity. You can link all of your other media to your personal site and vice versa.