Happy Columbus Day from another Social Media Person!

If you're off from work, enjoy the day! If you're at work like me, I'm not surprised, especially if you're in social media. While in our industry it is commonplace for sleep deprivation and crazy work hours, one thing is for sure, social media doesn't stop regardless of the holiday. We have entered a brave new world where people are connecting, sharing and communicating like never before on the social web. It is also the excitement from being in these uncharted waters that fuels those of us that are knee-deep in it to continue to go forth. We are defining best practices as we discover them. Creativity and perseverance are requirements for the fast-paced changes and problems that occur. I may not have survived on a ship expedition back in the 15th century, but I'm excited to be at the forefront of one the new frontiers of our time. Happy exploring on this Columbus Day! And for our Canadian counterparts, Happy Thanksgiving!