How Could #mileycomeback #whentwitterwasdown?

Yesterday Twitter was experiencing technical issues, leaving many users with timeline delays. Users were outraged and it wasn’t long before #twitterisfrozen and similar topics began trending. After the problem seemed to be fixed, people started bringing their followers up to date on what they did during the outage (thus, #whentwitterwasdown). This whole ordeal got me thinking…what would happen if Twitter was down for good? This is what I came up with:

  • Miley Cyrus would never come back to Twitter.
  • We wouldn’t know that Barack Obama won the Nobel Peace Prize and was humbled by it.
  • People wouldn’t have an opportunity to express their concerns about NASA’s mission to shoot two small, unmanned crafts into the moon.
  • The world would not have an outlet to celebrate John Lennon’s would-be 69th birthday.
  • We’d all be under the false impression that T-Mobile was reliable.

Thankfully, Twitter was up and running within 2 hours and we find ourselves asking along with @JohncMayer, “What would Miley have tweeted about this?” Unfortunately we may never know.

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