If you #BeatCancer on Friday, you also beat a Guinness World Record!

Social media communications and content company, Everywhere, launched their #BeatCancer hashtag on Twitter at 9AM PT on Friday at BlogWorld. The premise of the campaign is simple: for every mention of #BeatCancer in a tweet, Facebook status update, or blog post, eBay/Paypal and Miller Coors Brewing Company donate one penny to Cancer organizations like SU2C (Stand Up to Cancer), Alex's Lemonade, Spirit Jump, and Bright Pink. With 209,771 social media messages having been sent within the first 24 hours, the campaign succeeded in setting a new Guinness World Record for the distribution of the largest mass message through social media. It isn't just social media users coming together to rally around the cause: Radian6 is donating its social media tracking and monitoring service while Slash7 worked to build the www.beatcancereverywhere.com website and public relations and new media firm Sevans Strategy committed to help get the word out. As of this post, 597,000 mentions have been logged in total since 9AM on Friday, and #BeatCancer still maintains a top ten spot on Twitter's trending topics, third only to #musicmonday and #MM. Though only tweets made in the first 24 hours following 9AM PT on Friday contributed to the world record, eBay/Paypal and Miller Coors Brewery Company are continuing to donate $0.01 for every mention of #BeatCancer up to an unspecified designated amount, so grab a badge for your blog and continue to spread the word! And a big thumbs up to Everywhere for a great campaign!