Mac vs. PC: Social Media Edition

My opinion in the Mac vs. PC race is severely biased. I retired my Dell laptop two years ago to buy a MacBook and have never looked back. So it is no surprise that as a consumer, I think Mac wins. But in the social media space, that same matchup has slightly different results. Microsoft’s launch of Windows 7 yesterday proved to be one of the hottest topics on the web. It’s been a perpetual trending topic on Twitter. Microsoft and Windows queries were plastered all over Google’s Hot Trends list. The Microsoft Windows fan page on Facebook already features information on Windows 7 meetups and boasts thousands of wall posts from fans just over the last 24 hours. Microsoft obviously anticipated the continued conversation about their new operating system and created the social media “hub” on their Windows website, which also launched yesterday. The hub is intended to highlight conversations people are having about the new operating system. It pulls content from all over the web (Twitter, YouTube, Flickr, blog posts, etc.) to showcase what people are saying and hosts it in one central location.


While Microsoft is embracing social media, Apple has notoriously ignored popular social media services. The company discourages employee blogging and was a late bloomer on Twitter and Facebook and its presence only extends to its iTunes application. Some would argue, and many have, that Apple doesn’t need social media because they already have the luxury of having an active and fervent fan following and those fans spread the word for them. But I would respond that they would absolutely benefit from engaging those fans and by creating forums for them to express their affinity for Apple.

I may never know whether or not Microsoft’s Windows 7 is a success as an operating system. But I do think that they were very successful in incorporating social media into the launch. Sorry Mac, I think PC takes this one!