Small Business, Huge Opportunities on Facebook (Free Webinar)

Facebook now has over 300 million active users, with 50% of their active users logging on to Facebook in any given day. The fastest growing demographic is those 35 years old and older, and over 10 million people become fans of a company, organization, celebrity or entity each day through Facebook Fan Pages. Facebook Fan Pages quickly have become the leading social media marketing tool for companies to engage with their current customers and find new customers. Facebook ads allow the kind of hypertargeting small businesses can only dream of, based not just on location, age, and gender but on keywords, interests, and job titles. So a florist can target engaged women within 10 miles of their location, or a Chinese restaurant can target people who list "Chinese food" as one of their interests. We're excited to bring back Free Webinar Wednesday next week, 10/28, with our next free webinar on Facebook Fan Pages for small business. Here are the details, and we hope you'll join us and spread the word. It is free, after all, and in case you haven't been to a webinar of theKbuzz before- we always have prizes! Small Businesses, Huge Opportunities with Fan Pages on Facebook

The FREE webinar this Wed. 10/28 at 3:30 eastern time will cover: • Examples of great, interactive Facebook Fan Pages that small business owners have across an extremely wide variety of categories: doctors, dentists, realtors, lawyers, accountants, brokers, consultants, contractors and other professional services businesses, as well as restaurants, bars, stores and other small retail locations, just to name a few! • The Basics of How to Build a Fan Page or Improve Your Existing One • How to Build a Community of Fans on a Limited Budget • Case Studies of Successful Uses of Facebook Ads on Small Budgets • An introduction to theFacelift Platform from theKbuzz Click here to register now before it fills up!