Watch Me Wednesday: The 5 Coolest Things You Can Do With Facebook Ads

NY Director of Buzz, Devin Sugameli, talks about the 5 coolest things (as determined by theKbuzz employees) you can do with Facebook Ads: 1. Target people on their birthdays! 2. Target your fans with reminders about cool events/promotions, or just a thank you. 3. Target your employees! Has it been a tough week? Congratulate them for getting through it, or thank them for their hard work! 4. Introduce yourself to a new company. Just landed a job as a social media specialist at a new firm? Show them just how cool and nerdy you are by introducing yourself to your new co-workers in an ad. 5. If you're LOOKING for a new job and really want to make an impression, target people with "CEO" or "hiring manager" and other like terms in their profiles at the company you're interested in.

**CORRECTION: In the video, we suggest that our CBO Dave Kerpen can be targeted by his job title - but it's so unique it does not register as an optional keyword! We guess you'll have to figure out for yourself the best way to point your ad in his direction ;)