4 Reasons to Foursquare

By Amy Slife Early this month, foursquare exceeded 40 million check-ins, as reported on Twitter by one of the company’s developers. This means the number of foursquare check-ins is growing at an incredible rate, doubling in approximately a month’s timeframe. We’ve seen foursquare’s incredible growth rate before when 100,000 users signed up over a 10 day period during this year’s SXSW. theKbuzz has already covered examples of companies utilizing foursquare for deals and promotions, but for all of you foursquare hold outs, I’m going to detail four reasons why you should jump on the bandwagon.

  1. Location-based updates, check-ins and promotions are a way of the future, and the very near future at that. It’s safe to say that the newest craze in the social media world seems to be the location-based feature. From check-ins on foursquare, to adding your location to your tweets on Twitter, to news that Facebook is launching its own location features at some point in time this month, it’s clear that location-based functionality is on the rise and probably here to stay. As more companies sign up to offer deals and promotions through location-based social media platforms you don’t want to miss an opportunity to reap the great rewards.
  2. Foursquare is fun and competitive. While it might seem a little silly on the outside, I think there are many users out there that can attest to the fact that once you get into foursquare you become a little obsessed with it. After all, it truly is a game and most of us have some competitive nature to us. We strive to have the most check-ins to a venue so we can become “Mayor” for the sake of just being able to brag about it to our friends and coworkers. For example, I proudly hold the title of Mayor of theKbuzz Boston. While I’m not currently receiving any perks for holding the title, it’s still fun to check in and encourage my colleagues to challenge me for the position of Mayor of the office.
  3. With foursquare, you can get tips left by your friends for places around the location you’re checking in. Not only does checking in to a location allow your friends to figure out where you are, but you can see what your friends liked at that location or at locations nearby. To illustrate, I’ve left the tip for my foursquare friends to try out a breakfast sandwich at one of my favorite coffee shops. When they check-in to the location, or a location nearby, they get a message to try out the Tequila Sunrise at Espresso Royale Café. On the flip side, I’ve received tips from my foursquare friends to try out different menu items or restaurants and bars at locations I’ve checked into. Wouldn’t you be more likely to try out a new eatery or a new menu item if it was recommended by someone you know? I know that would encourage me to expand my horizons.
  4. You can get useful tips and fun facts from companies and brands. As you can expect with the growing number of folks checking in on foursquare, there’s also a growing number of companies offering deals. But beyond deals and promos, some of these companies are using foursquare to share their expertise, recommendations and fun facts. Bon Appétit is guiding their foursquare friends to “the best epicurean destinations on the planet” with foodie tips based on where you are and what you’re doing. Additionally, HISTORY Channel has a foursquare account, which provides tips to help you “unlock the history of your city.” HISTORY has set up their account to enable their friends to receive tips about America, unlock a special badge and be entered into special sweepstakes and win weekly prizes.

Have you joined foursquare? If so, how do you use it and what’s your favorite part? If you’re a foursquare or other location-based social media network holdout, share with us why you’ve yet to join and if there’s anything that would change your mind about doing so.