Do you "like" it?

by Dave Kerpen In today’s Watch Me Wednesday video, I poll a few new summer Buzz Builders on their opinions about the “Like” button and what it means for the future of the internet.

One Buzz Builder suggested that the “Like” button allows businesses to gain immediate feedback from their audience as well as increase traffic on their website. Another Buzz Builder suggested that the “Like” button should be expanded to include a “Love” button, similar to star ratings that you might see for restaurant reviews. This also allows users to express varying degrees of like for a business. Finally, and not surprisingly, a Buzz Builder brought up the desire for a “Dislike” button.

While this concept is widely promoted by Facebook users via Facebook groups, the reality is that a “Dislike” button is just not reasonable. The “Like” button’s main purpose is to generate positive talk on a website which allows for brand names to buy into the feature, and a “Dislike” would ultimately undermine that purpose.

What do you think of the “Like” button and Facebook’s other social plug-ins?