Nike Writes the Future

nikeby Allie Herzog With the recent success of big brands using the “tug on your heart strings” approach in their TV ads, Nike has unveiled what many are calling its best work yet. The Write the Future Campaign, which will air for the first time during the European Club Final on May 22nd, is a three-minute film that takes people on an emotional and vivid journey through the moments that truly capture the spirit of winning, losing and what it takes to become a national hero. The spot will air across 32 countries, sharing the campaign with millions of fans around the world.

Utilizing the power of social media , Nike ran teaser ads on You Tube and around the web and has since released the film on its Nike Football fan page, only after clicking the Like button. It is also available to fans around the world online at On May 22nd it will roll out its global partnerships with You Tube, and Facebook, including a way for users to take their personalized content and build their own Facebook campaign in an attempt to get noticed and be selected for “The Chance”, which is an elite Nike Academy football camp that is scouted by the English Premier League.

Many say that Nike is vying for the top spot in “soccer supremacy” with the current leader, Adidas. What do you think? And what do you think of this innovative use of video and social media? Watch the film here and let us know!

Write The Future from Nalden on Vimeo.