Community Pages and What They Mean for You

By Jenna Lebel A little over a month ago Facebook announced a new category of Facebook Pages: Community Pages. Since their rollout, there has been a lot of confusion about their purpose. Here we take a look at what Community Pages are and what they mean for you and your business.

Facebook Pages are designed for businesses, organizations and public figures, but users have started creating Facebook Pages around general topics (i.e. cooking, tennis, etc.). Community Pages are Facebook’s solution to the problem. Facebook claims that Community Pages are meant to be, “the best collection of shared knowledge on a topic.” The new type of page is devoted to a topic or experience that allows a community to connect to and collectively own the topic.

Community Pages currently feature a Wikipedia article that corresponds to the topic (if one exists). Also featured on the new Pages is a feed of posts from your friends and global Facebook users shared around the particular topic. Community Pages do not have a fully functioning Wall like other Pages on Facebook. Users cannot upload and share content on the page, unless they post a status update with the relevant keywords for that topic.

What does this mean for you?

As a user, you can list a “like or interest” that will connect you to a Community Page. Once connected, you will learn more about a topic or experience of interest to you and see what your friends and the Facebook community is saying about that topic.

As a business, Community Pages are just one more thing you need to be aware of and monitor. Community Pages DO exist for businesses and pull in Wikipedia information and posts from the public. So what can you do? If your Wikipedia entry is not accurate, we recommend updating that. As of right now, there is no control over the content on a Community Page from a business standpoint. Community Pages are still in Beta so we don’t believe this will be the case for very long.