3 Ways to Add to Your 2010 FIFA World Cup Experience

by Devin Sugameli Since the 2010 FIFA World Cup opening ceremonies in South Africa on Friday, the internet has gone football crazy, encouraging social & web platforms to step up their game with World Cup-related content. Below we’ve highlighted three of the coolest developments inspired by the games:

1) World Cup Badges on Foursquare – With a CEO with over 40 mayorships, you know everyone at Likeable Media has to be a closet (or open) 4sq addict to some extent. So imagine how excited we were to find out about the announcement of two new Foursquare badges sponsored by CNN made specifically for the 2010 FIFA World Cup! We may not be able to make the trip out to South Africa for the South Africa Explorer badge which requires a local presence at the tournament, but we’re already brainstorming about the best places to go for the Super Fan badge which can be earned by attending one of over 100 registered viewing party or “soccer-friendly pub” locations.

2) Finding World Cup Viewing Parties on Google Maps – Just as exciting for us was learning that we could find some of the afore-referenced viewing party locations using Google Maps. By beginning your search with the term “World Cup loc:” followed by your address or general location, you can get the low-down on great places airing the World Cup in your area.

3) Following Players on TwitterFollow them while they’re still allowed to tweet! Some players from Team USA have been tweeting throughout, though many other teams have already been banned from using the social networking site by their coaches. It’s not unusual to see bans like these during major sporting events, as we've seen with the NFL's ban on social media updates before, during, and after all games as well as last year’s ban by the USTA on live tweets from players in the U.S. Open tennis tournament - but we do think it’s unfortunate. Hopefully Team USA continues to pave the way for future competitors in connecting with their fans pre- and post-game.

How are you using the social web to follow the 2010 FIFA World Cup? Let us know in the comments!