3 Ways to Get People to "Like" Your Update on Facebook

In today's "Watch Me Wednesday" video, Dave talks about three ways to get a "Like" on Facebook. Recently, theKbuzz rebranded itself as Likeable and we believe that every brand and every organization can be likeable, both figuratively and literally, on Facebook. One reason you want to be likeable on Facebook is because your content is more likely to appear in user's news feeds if you generate a lot of "likes" and comments. Here are three ways to generate a "Like" on Facebook:

1. Share great content: Too many organizations are still updating their pages with content that is all about them. Organizations should keep their audience in mind and consider whether or not their readers would find this information valuable. Also remember, multimedia content, such as pictures and videos, will go a long way towards getting more "Likes".

2. Ask great questions: Ask questions that inspire people and make them feel excited and positive. For instance, if you sell kids clothing, you may want to ask, "Who is proud of an accomplishment that your child has recently achieved?" This type of question is going to get people sharing comments and liking that status update.

3. Ask for the "Like": Share a quote pr stat and say "Like this status if you agree." If you actually tell people to click "Like", they're much more likely to click that button.

Do you agree with these suggestions? What methods do you have for generating "Likes" on Facebook?