Facebook Secrets Revealed 2: It's About Your Fans, Not You!

In today’s “Watch Me Wednesday” video, Dave continues our series, “Facebook Secrets Revealed.” Last week we talked about the “Friends of Connections” feature on Facebook’s ad targeting. This week we remind you to keep it about the fans, not yourselves! Too many businesses constantly post updates about themselves. Over and over again we see businesses on Facebook create updates that strictly talk about their business and do not keep their customers in mind. Take Likeable Media for example. Out of roughly 1,000 posts we've shared from Facebook.com/LikeableMedia, fewer than 20 have been about us. Instead, we post content that would interest our fans. We have created a community where social media lovers can comment on interesting content. Every post or update should be done with your fans in mind. Don’t think like a marketer when creating status updates. Instead, think like a customer. Ask yourself, would you want to read this in your news feed?