Facebook Secrets Revealed: Part 1 - Friends of Connections Ads

In today’s “Watch Me Wednesday” video, Dave is kicking off a new series of informational pieces called “Facebook Secrets Revealed.” The first secret that every business should take advantage of while advertising on Facebook is the “Friends of Connections” ad targeting feature. "Friends of Connections" allows you to target all of the Facebook friends of your existing fan base. Better yet, in all of your "Friends of Connections" ads, people will see the friends of theirs that already "like" the page under the ad (see image to the right). This is an incredibly powerful tool, especially for local advertisers. If I see an ad for a dentist, attorney, auto mechanic, etc. that's been endorsed by a friend of mine, I'm much more likely to pay attention. Imagine for instance a TV ad in which a friend of yours was in the corner of the ad saying they liked this business or a newspaper ad in which your friends names were featured. This is not possible of course on TV or print advertising, but possible using Facebook. Using this filter is not only reaching out and giving a personal connection to possible fans, or “likers” of your page, it is also creating a dynamic and relevant advertising option.

Here are three facts about the “Friends of Connections” feature:

1. Digital “Word of Mouth” : Instead of having your customers go out and tell their friends about your business, Facebook can do so for you. People will automatically see an ad with the names of their friends who are a fan, or “liker,” already. This way, “word of mouth” marketing can be processed without a word ever being spoken! 2. Connecting outside of your range: The Friends of Connections feature can be used to   connect directly with an external link that you would not have control over otherwise. For example, you can advertise a certain event you are having to friends of your likers, and have a direct link to the registration page for quicker processing. This is perfect for not only reeling in interest, especially since people are more likely to attend an event if they know others in attendance. 3. Size doesn’t always matter: No matter if you have a 300 or 30,000 "likers," if you have a fan base at all you are already a candidate to the Friends of Connections feature. The average Facebook user has around 130 friends, and those individuals are 130 more connections to make. Then, once your base grows, you will have even more names appearing on your ads and more reason for someone to become interested and click.

Have you used this feature in the past? Share your experience with us after watching Dave's video!