Facebook Secrets Revealed: Part 3 - Optimize Your Landing Tab

In today’s “Watch Me Wednesday” video, Dave continues his Facebook Secrets Revealed series with part 3. Part 1 of the series told us about “Friends of Connections Ads,” while Part 2 told us “It’s About Your Fans, Not You!” Today, Dave discusses how to not only use your landing tab, but to optimize the page tab with FBML or other outside applications. When potential fans connect to your page, a landing tab is a great place for an introduction. Use A-B testing to try out a few different landing tabs, while keeping in mind that simplicity is key. Having two or three main sections to your landing tab is nice to see for a first time user. Here is an example of a landing tab that Likeable Media created for client One Purrfect Place, and here is a landing tab featuring dozens of client landing tabs we’ve done. What landing tabs have you seen that really stood out and gave a great 1st impression?