Is the Traditional Marketing Media Mix Extinct?

By Amy Slife With the rise of social media and proliferation of mobile and smart phones, marketing media mixes are changing to encompass new concepts that the large majority of the population probably couldn’t have dreamed about 10 years ago. Between Facebook, Twitter, foursquare and so many others in between, marketing media mixes are being revamped to include concepts beyond the traditional marketing mix of TV, radio, print, direct mail, etc., that’s geo-centric and sharable.

As we delve deeper into this online, social-based, geo-centric world, we’re likely to be further introduced to across the board marketing strategy that incorporates the likes of mobile, geo-tagging, and sharing with our online communities. Not only are companies now able to provide offers for their most regular customers, or those visiting specific locations, like with foursquare promos being run by Starbucks and Ben & Jerry’s, but businesses and institutions are able to take it one step further by way of mobile gaming. A platform called SCVNGR incorporates the points and badges feature of foursquare with the scavenger hunt, location-based game concept for promotions as an enticement to get patrons in the door in a “challenges” format. Getting its start among universities, museums, and retail stores, SCVNGR encourages users to check-in to locations and complete challenges, from taking a picture of a freshman to answering questions regarding the seasonal brew at a local coffee shop.

On a household brand name level, Warner Bros is incorporating this service into the promotion of their upcoming flick Inception. Users can visit particular skyscrapers and movie theaters around the U.S. in order to check-in, complete challenges and watch trailers to win special Inception badges. Completing challenges and social sharing on Facebook and Twitter gain the user additional points. Geo-centric, mobile based scavenger hunting is an area that’s continuing to evolve and one that potentially holds great promise for getting patrons in the door to explore a museum, a theme park or even a retail location. Mobile gaming in this nature largely brings the online social world out into the real world.

SCVNGR, Twitter, Facebook, foursquare, Yelp and all of the others in between have come together to help create an evolving marketing mix, as the ever growing and changing geo-centric and social functions are further incorporated. How much has your marketing media mix changed as of late? Are you planning to incorporate geo-centric mobile gaming and further your social media strategy, or have you already? Share your thoughts with us the comments below!