What To Do When Your Wall Is Under Attack

by Kristen Malzone Z100's Elvis Duran Show announced on the air and on their Facebook page this morning that 95 Triple X, a radio station in Vermont, steals their material on a regular basis.

The Elvis Duran Show declared social media war on 95 Triple X after encouraging listeners to "show some love" on the 95 Triple X Facebook page wall. Z100 fans condemned the Vermont station and 95 Triple X went into social panic mode. The lifespan of comments like Ariana's below are short because the 95 Triple X Facebook page is deleting all comments about the controversy.

95 Triple X also has changed the default settings on their page so that you can no longer see the comments of likers when you visit the page. When a page is under attack, this may seem like the safest thing to do. The truth is, actions like those taken by 95 Triple X can do more damage than confronting the issue head on. Here a couple important tips to think about during a social media crisis:

1) Don't delete comments - Unless the comments contain profanity or offend other likers of the page, don't delete them. If people are saying bad things about your company online, they are most likely saying them offline as well and you can't delete those comments. Deleting angers users and does not fix anything. Instead, your team needs to come up with appropriate messaging to respond to these comments.

2) Post a note addressing the issue - Notes are easy to share on Facebook. Take control of the conversation and address whatever is causing the attack. Ignoring the issue is cowardly and neglectful. 95 Triple X could have expressed their admiration of z100 and apologized for not giving them credit on the air. Instead they are attempting to sweep everything under a rug and we all know that doesn't work in the real world nor on social media.

Social media is uncharted territory for many businesses and they are learning as they go. Thinking and researching before you act can prevent an even worse outcome. Has your company's wall ever been attacked with negative comments? How did you respond? Share in the comments below.