5 Ways to Score an AWESOME Social Media Internship

Take it from a current Buzz Builder to find out how to score an awesome internship in social media. Alex Maynfeld, a Buzz Builder from our Queens office, guest blogs today about how to land a social media internship: Starting a career can be extremely difficult nowadays. Every company wants somebody with experience, training, education and the skills necessary to achieve success. It’s especially hard to find a job when everyone around you is also competing for the same positions. Therefore it’s important to distinguish yourself and bring a unique skill set to the table to present to a potential employer. Social media is an emerging and growing field that is revolutionizing the way companies are targeting their customers. As a recent college graduate I can tell you that having knowledge and experience in social media has exponentially increased my employment opportunities. I obtained this experience through a social media internship at Likeable Media, and you should invest your time into finding a social media internship as well. Here are 5 tips that you can use to find an internship that best suits you:

1. Intern Queen: Lauren Berger is the CEO of Intern Queen Inc. and a national College Speaker. She works with over 500 employers located all over the US and in Canada. Her site, InternQueen.com, reaches over 40,000 different students, parents, and employers each month. If you’re feeling unsure of what internship is right for you or where to begin in your search she’s the one to go to.

2. Networking: The more people you meet, the more internship opportunities you will find. Mashable is one of the most widely-recognized social media resources available on the Internet. They are social media experts and often organize meet-ups with other social media professionals. Check to see when the next social media meet up or tweet up is!

3. Reach out on Twitter: Twitter is a great tool to start conversation. Social media companies are constantly using Twitter to communicate with their customers. It can also be used as a great resource for recruiting and employment. There are over 50 million tweets per day, and your tweet could potentially do wonders for you and your career.

4. Career Fairs: Whether you are visiting your school’s career services center or attending career fairs, these are great resources to find internships. Companies are looking for people with knowledge in social media and you can offer that to them. Include social media on your resume. Get the word out there that you’re a rising star and looking to shine somewhere.

5. FB Ads: Facebook ads are great for targeting. Want a specific job? Target the CEO or HR Representative of the company you want to work for and make an ad telling them why they should hire you! Have it link to your LinkedIn account where they can check out your resume.

Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Yelp, 4square, Blog. Get yourself involved in social networking. Make connections, build bridges, get yourself out there and get acclimated with these tools. Social Media is a growing, lasting, and constantly developing industry. In order to ensure a successful career, mastering social media tools and building your personal social network are essential.

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By Alex Maynfeld (and Cara Friedman)