Can SCVNGR challenge Foursquare?

  by Cara Friedman While Foursquare is currently the front-runner in location-based apps, another competitor seems to be gaining notoriety in the mobile phone world. SCVNGR is a Google-backed app that is bringing scavenger hunts into the mobile community. Identical in many ways to Foursquare, you can check-in to locations, earn points, and unlock badges. Even the layout of the website is similar to Foursquare displaying your check-ins and username with first name and last initial. 

The differences lie in the intention. SCVNGR is meant to really be a game. Instead of leaving tips at locations, there are challenges to be unlocked and conquered. This can involve you uploading a picture, scanning a QR code, etc. The challenges are established by the site and its 600+ partners including everything from museums, to colleges, to restaurants. Another cool feature is being able to create your own scavenger hunts. Just like Foursquare, there are instances where you can win tangible prizes. 

Unfortunately, SCVNGR has its limitations. As of right now, you can only play from your Android or iPhone devices. Those of us without those devices are left out of the game. Oh well... we still have Foursquare!

Do you think SCVNGR's challenges can compete with Foursqaure's Mayorships? Share your thoughts in the comments!