Facebook Secrets Revealed: Part 4 - Facebook Page Username

In today’s “Watch Me Wednesday” video, Dave continues his Facebook Secrets Revealed series with part 4 out of 5. In Parts 1-3 of the series we learned about topics from “Friends of Connections Ads” and “Optimizing Your Landing Tab,” to “It’s About Your Fans, Not You.” Today, Dave talks to us about remembering your Facebook page username, and how creating that easy link can be greatly beneficial to your company’s online presence.  Here at Likeable, our Facebook page is accessible with a username that reads “Facebook.com/LikeableMedia.” Simplicity is key when it comes to creating your username; a name that is easy to spell and easy to share is perfect. For any page that has 25 or more fans, you can decide on a username today by going to Facebook.com/username and creating something that fits your company. Is your page’s username unique? Share your links with us!