Facebook Secrets Revealed: Part 5 - BEAT it, Don't SELL

In today’s Watch Me Wednesday video, Dave comes to us from Omaha with his final part for the series Facebook Secrets Revealed. If you’ve missed any of the 4 parts in the past, here are a few links:

Part 1: Friends of Connections Ads Part 2: It’s About Your Fans, Not You! Part 3: Optimize Your Landing Tab Part 4: Facebook Page Username

Today’s part 5 video focuses on how to make your Facebook page fly with other users. Sometimes as business owners or company promoters, we forget that our consumers don’t want to be bombarded with products and services all the time. So especially when keeping your Facebook page updated, make sure you don’t try to sell yourself. Instead, Dave suggest that you try to “BEAT it.” BEAT stands for “Be Engaging Authentic & Transparent.” If you remember to BEAT it with all of your content on Facebook the sales will come to you and that “selling” aspect won’t even be necessary.

How do you plan to “BEAT it” on your Facebook page?