Mobile Food and Social Media: The Ultimate Pairing

By Jenna Lebel In an attempt to boost sales and promote new flavors, Ben & Jerry’s is bringing its euphoric flavors to the streets of Boston this summer. Swinging by community events, parks, office and beaches through August 25, the Scoop Truck can be seen cruising the streets of Boston bringing FREE sweet treats to Bostonians around the city. There is no schedule or route for the Scoop Truck, it is entirely up to the fan suggestions via Facebook and Twitter. Ben & Jerry’s is marking its path through the city by checking into destinations on Foursquare.

Ben & Jerry’s is not the first big brand to use social media to take its food on the road. Taco Bell has a truck of its own that’s making its way across the country this summer offering free tacos in various cities. The cities are already predetermined, but stops within them are not. Unlike Ben & Jerry’s, the Taco Bell truck tells its fans via Twitter where it will be in the particular city.

Big brands are not the only ones roaming the streets and luring crowds to them via social media. A new wave of street vendors are giving up their regular spots and immovability, adding mobile kitchens and broadband and finding customers instead of waiting for customers to find their stationary carts.

What do you think of social street eats? Should bigger brands follow the Ben & Jerry’s and Taco Bell examples? Does it make sense for street vendors? Share below!