MORE Companies Paving the Way in Twitter Customer Service

By Jenna Lebel Back in January I blogged about companies using Twitter as a customer service tool, highlighting 6 companies setting the standard in the area. Gone are the days of calling a customer service call center. While companies like Whole Foods and Comcast are still leveraging Twitter for successful customer service measures, others have taken equally impressive measures. Here, I expand my list to include 6 MORE companies setting the standard in great customer service on Twitter.

Best Buy (@twelpforce)

Followers: 27,797

Best Buy uses Twitter to offer tech advice and answer any questions customers may have. They also offer a live, searchable feed of their questions so customers can easily find answers to their tech problems. They offer answers to questions as simple as ‘my desktop icons aren’t showing up’ and as complicated as “Will an ATI Radeon 9800 XT video card work in my HP Pavilion a6720y?”. Beyond questions, they offer advice on anything from video game controls to what TV to buy. Best Buy employees can respond from their own account and it will show up on the Twelpforce feed.

Bank of America (@BofA_Help)

Followers: 7,927

Bank of America uses Twitter to facilitate communication between Bank of America customers and banks. They offer to help contact the bank and forward customer information in order to resolve the issue. One customer had this to say, “I contacted them a few days ago about a couple overdraft fees I got this month — the fees were both completely justified and completely my fault, but I figured it wouldn't hurt to see if he could do anything (who doesn't want an extra $50 back, right?). He responded within 10 minutes of my tweet, got my contact information from me, and forwarded it onto a BoA rep in my area. I missed their first call, but before I even had a chance to call them back, I saw that both my fees had been refunded”.

Home Depot (@HomeDepot)

Followers: 23,868

Home Depot uses Twitter to answer customer concerns and questions. The employees working for the Home Depot Twitter sometimes introduce themselves so that customers feel more of a personal connection. Home Depot not only responds to negative comments but also positive comments. One customer tweeted that they had a great experience at Home Depot and Home Depot responded asking for the store and the name of the associate in order to pass along the information. Another customer tweeted at Home Depot asking if they did price-matching. Home Depot responded that they do and also offered them a 10% discount.

Hyatt (@HyattConcierge)

Followers: 11,197

The Hyatt hotel chain has a Twitter account dedicated to making a difference for guests every day. The Hyatt Concierge is essentially a 24/7 helpdesk for guests to help answer travel questions and requests before, during and after their stay. Providing customer service to guests at their more than 370 hotels and resorts worldwide, the Hyatt Concierge concept is the ultimate resource for guests looking for information regarding everything from hotel amenities and services to tourist attractions in a particular city.

H&R Block (@HRBlock or @HRBlockAnswers)

Followers: 4,966

H&R Block uses Twitter to offer tax advice and information to customers claiming that they will answer even the toughest tax questions. They offer tax tips such as how to get a tax credit in certain situations. H&R Block not only uses Twitter to respond to customers with tax related issues or problems, but they also address specific problems with their own tax services. This proved to be especially helpful during tax season, answering customers’ questions and offering advice. In addition to their corporate Twitter account (@HRBlock), they have a more specialized account providing answers to any and all customer service questions. Managed by the official H&R Block client care team, they answer questions and concerns Monday to Friday from 7am – 7pm.

Nordstrom (@Nordstrom)

Followers: 30,472

Nordstrom uses Twitter to share information about their Nordstrom stores and sales as well as respond to customer complaints. Nordstrom responds to customers who have had poor experiences at their stores or with their purchases, asking for more information so that they can solve the problem. They also put customers in contact with personal shoppers! One customer tweeted at Nordstrom asking what kind of dress she should get for a wedding. Nordstrom responded asking her where the closest Nordstrom is and said they would contact a personal shopper there to help the customer pick out a dress.

Can you think of other companies providing excellent customer service via Twitter? Share in the comments section below!