Social Media Helps #SendSwish

By Cara Friedman The battle for the last man in the MLB All-Star game is happening on the field and on the Internet. As the voting comes to an end, Yankee's outfielder, Nick Swisher, turns to social media to rally his fans. Social media has become a huge platform to create a viral campaign in support of your favorite baseball player. Athletes turn to Facebook and Twitter for hopes of getting last minute votes before 4PM today.

Based on social media, Nick Swisher is far ahead the rest of his competitors. With 1,220,422 Twitter followers and 42,997 fans on Facebook, he easily has the largest following than any other Major League baseball player. Swisher's social media popularity is so strong that his fans created the #sendswish hashtag on Twitter. Could his social media popularity be enough to win this competition?


This isn't the first time we have recognized Nick Swisher for his use of social media. In fact, Swisher made our Top 40 Facebook Pages list in 2009. Help this Social Media All-Star become an MLB All-Star!