Tweet, Drink, and Be Merry

By Adrian Molina As a 24 year old male (and single by the way, ladies) living in New York City I find myself putting almost as much time into my social life as I do my career. Thankfully, I work in social media and the New York City bar scene has welcomed social marketing with wide open (and slightly inebriated) arms.  This clashing of lives has inspired me to share my knowledge of localities that have leveraged social media to drive more customers while engaging loyal ones. Here is a short list of my favorite establishments that have engaged me socially:

Foley’s 18 West 33rd Street (@FoleysNY):

My personal favorite place to catch a baseball game. Foley’s is a hardcore baseball bar that features some of the most awesome memorabilia this side of Cooperstown. While their décor may be vintage, their social media strategies are far from it. Everyday Foley’s features a “Baseball Birthday” where they tweet a Baseball player’s birthday and make a special out of it. July 20th was Washington National’s rookie phenom Stephen Strausberg’s birthday and they offered $10 “Pitchers” to all patrons that day. Not only are they educating the casual sports fan, but they are rewarding them with the knowledge of a special that may just come in handy after a long day at work.

Third and Long 523 3rd Avenue:

Wandering around Murray Hill and finding a nice place to get a drink is as easy as a Staples button, but exuding a certain charm and character to your establishment is a tough task. Third and Long manages to not only exude that charm with their staff, but also through social media. Foursquare users are challenged to frequent the bar as much as possible to win the coveted mayorship Third and Long. This prestigious title comes with an icy cold pint of beer, on the house.  The manager of the Third and Long blogs about the bar’s happenings on which features a plethora of patron pictures enjoying themselves at the establishment. It’s quite exciting to know that after a fun night out, the manager of the bar will go into detail about your debauchery and accompany said blog with photos. Did I mention they have $1 Drafts every Monday and Tuesday?

Manny’s on 2nd 1770 2nd Ave (@mannysonsecond):

I myself am a Upper East Side resident and the construction of the 2nd ave subway line has become the bane for most tenants. Businesses, however have been affected the most.  Local sports bar and event venue Manny’s on 2nd has managed to fight off the unsightly construction and recession by talking directly to their patrons. Manny’s rewards their Facebook likers and Twitter followers with chances to win their own private parties in their huge upstairs space. Winners are even allowed to customize their shindig. Along with offering absurdly awesome prizes, they are heavy on posting pictures of events that took place at their establishment. The 2010 FIFA World Cup match between the USA and Ghana produced a Facebook album that showcased the bar in American pride. Twitter followers get the inside scoop and find out what sports games are being shown on Manny’s plethora of television screens. They also tweet their list of daily specials.

Still not sure where to go?

@Murphguide and @myopenbar_nyc are the premiere handles to follow if you just do not know where to go for the night. showcases everything that is noteworthy in the bar scene on a daily basis. targets the more budgeted crowd by showcasing ideal locations where the minimal amount of money is needed to have a good night out.

The moral of the story is this: next time you are out with a bunch of friends, find out if the bar you are at has a Twitter account or official Facebook page. You never know when simply retweeting your favorite bar could get you something cool or when your next Foursquare check-in might just get you your next drink.

Do your favorite local establishments (bars or other) utilize social media? Share with us in the comments!