Two Bands Rocking Social Media

By Amy Slife From retail, to tourism, to large brands in the service industry, social media has infiltrated its way into the day to day marketing strategy of a myriad of companies and organizations. Musicians and bands are another category utilizing social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter to interact with their most passionate fans and followers. Below I've detail two bands, Counting Crows and Guster, that are rocking social media.

Counting Crows: With a Facebook page with over 330,000 fans, the ever popular Counting Crows know where it’s at on Facebook. Sharing photos of their concerts and tour info when it comes to pricing and new tour dates/locations, Counting Crows are always keeping their fans in the loop with where they are currently performing and what is going on. Another great feature on the Counting Crows Facebook page is the option to download a free song as recorded live during their current tour. What better way for current fans to get their Counting Crows fill and for potential fans to explore their music.

Counting Crows also have quite a Twitter following with over a million folks checking out their daily updates. From fan RTs raving about a recent show, to random current event type tweets like the World Cup, and general tweets that really show the bands’ personality, their account is a must follow for any CC fan. @CountingCrows is a great example of a brand that successfully tweets beyond their music focus to interact with fans and followers on a more personal level.

Directly beyond Facebook and Twitter, CC has made quite an effort to incorporate social plug-ins on their website. features a Facebook fan box, social buttons, a stream of recent tweets, Facebook event links for fans to RSVP for their upcoming shows and like buttons for each of their albums and videos.

Guster: On a smaller scale than Counting Crows, Guster is another band successfully using social media to promote their shows and interact with their loyal followers. With a Facebook fan following topping out over 126,000, this quirky and less widely known ensemble uses their Facebook page to share photos from recent shows, thank and interact with fans, promote deals in their merch store and post updates from their Guster Road Journal blog. Another great feature on Guster’s Facebook page is a built out “Music” tab. This tab shares upcoming tour dates, bulletins and an especially cool music player that lets you listen to Guster’s featured songs as you browse their page and beyond on Facebook.

The band uses Twitter on a more personal level to share day to day activity and interaction with their fans and followers. From tweets about airport goodbyes, to amusing hashtags and asking followers for advice on exploring the current city they are touring in, Guster seems to really share their true quirky side on Twitter.

The band has also made an effort to socialize their website. Similarly to Counting Crows, Guster has socialized their site by including social icons and event links off of the upcoming tour dates to encourage fans to RSVP to the Facebook event, as well as a scrolling feed of recent tweets.

Counting Crows and Guster are just two bands who have taken to social media to promote their music and most importantly interact with their fan base. Which of your favorite bands are using social media in a stellar fashion? Share with us in the comments!