Airwaves to the Twitterverse: MTV Goes Social

By Leo Mikinberg MTV scoured the web for people that they thought had personality, drive and 140 character Twitter prowess. What they found was 20 Tweeters that they felt made the cut; a group comprised of a DJ, a self-proclaimed pop-culture junkie, a PR professional and a classically trained cellist. This select group of 20 would vie to be MTV’s Twitter Jockey, a position that comes with a six figure salary and invites to MTV red-carpet events. The job description? The MTV TJ must wield the all-mighty MTV Twitter and Facebook accounts.

With only five candidates left in the running, the final challenge was to organize meet-ups throughout the New York area. The Likeable team made an appearance at Ryan Lytle’s (@RLytle) charity drive on the rooftop of the Roger Smith hotel in an effort to show our support for Ryan and the MTV TJ search. The event raised $270 for Make-A-Wish Foundation. The other TJ’s held fashion shows, concerts, arts-fests and benefit performances. August 8th, at 10pm, the selection of MTV’s TJ was left up to the viewers. While Ryan made a strong showing, coming in 4th out of the original 20 candidates, the viewers voted Gabi Gregg, formerly @GabiFresh, as MTV’s next TJ. She has since taken the reigns of @MTVTJ and will be tweeting from the MTV Video Music Awards.

Gabi, when asked what she wanted to do with MTV in social media, said “I want to keep it personable and keep in touch with the followers. I want to give them a voice.” Gabi’s strategy is similar to that of any company that wants to go social, give a company a voice while engaging with those users that "Like" or Follow it. MTV introduced the world to the first Video Jockey’s and now they are jumping, head-first, into social media. Taking a step that, for small businesses and large corporations alike, is no small feat and they are doing so with flying colors.

Who was your pick for the MTV TJ? How do you think that MTV's social strategy is going to impact their ratings? Let us know in the comments!